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Yoga, Tai Chi & Mediation

Anelas offeres a variety of yoga. There are classes for everyone, even if you've never taken a class before. Find which class is just right for you and start your yoga journey today!

Meditation is the process of quieting the mind and can be expressed in so many different forms. Check out some of our options to destress and discover the light within!

Energy Work

Energy work uses techniques originating from ancient traditions, such as Reiki, Qi Gong and Sound Therapy, along with recent discoveries with the goal of restoring harmony or removing blockages from within the body.

Massage Therapy

Treat your self to a full day of pampering with our massage services. All products used are fully organic. Our therapist is a trained certified professionals sure to fulfill anyone's day with bliss and relaxation.

Lic# LA4084/E4223

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