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Events and Workshops

Bringing Community Together 

Community First

Being blessed with so much space has allowed us to open our doors as not just a Wellness Center but an all access venue for events! We're proud to support and host some of the local community talent, as well as provide a space for parties, expos, baby showers, receptions, demonstrations, workshops, concerts, and so much more. We see the talent in our community, and we want to help make it shine!

Register for An Upcoming Event:

While walk-in's are always welcome, we cannot guarantee space for every event as we are still practicing safe-distancing protocols in all of our classes. It is recommended to sign up for any events or classes in advance.

To register for an upcoming class or event: find the event on our schedule here . (and select "sign in")

Alternatively, you can download our free Mindbody App (and search for Anela's).

Or, to keep it simple, you may also give us a call at 985-223-9091 where we can personally register you for your class or event.

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